EV Materials Corporation

EV Fiberglass Grating is made from resin, fiberglass and fillers. Depending on different applications, resin could be Phthalic resin (with moderate acids and alkalis resistance) or Vinyl resin (with strong acids and alkalis resistance and fire resistance), and filler could be Calcium carbonate powder or Aluminum hydroxide powder (for high strength and fire resistance).

EV Materials Corporation
(Pavers / Pedestal System)
1305 N Knollwood Circle
Anaheim, CA 92801
EV Materials Corporation

EV Materials Corp. is a supplier of porcelain pavers, granite pavers, pedestal system and fiberglass grates that work with these pavers, and a patented wind uplift (wind lock down) system that works with our pavers and pedestals. EV Materials also supplies EV paver, which is a ceramic pervious paver. EV Pedestals are plastic adjustable pedestals mainly used for paver tiles and decking joist support. EV Pedestal has the widest height range in the industry. It supports heights from 1/2" to 52, and is the only pedestal system approved by the City of Los Angeles for heights above 22" (up to 52"). EV Pedestal is UV-stable, salt/mist-resistant, and fire-resistant (CC1 rating). EV Materials Corp. is based in Anaheim, CA. Our 17,000 SF warehouse is conveniently located near the I-5, 57 and 91 Highways. We ship to all 50 states and Canada.



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