BioHaven® Floating Treatment Wetlands
Floating Islands West LLC

BioHaven® Floating Treatment Wetlands, from Floating Islands West LLC are a powerful tool in water stewardship. Our man-made floating wetlands biomimic their natural counterparts on a concentrated basis—250 square feet of island translates to an acre’s worth of wetland surface area. Almost any waterway can benefit from BioHaven® FTWs, and you don’t need to be a scientist to understand how they work... All of our islands, small to large, function in the same way – improving water quality and habitat while providing a "concentrated wetland" effect. Through the process of biomimicry (using nature as a model), the BioHaven® Floating Island transforms a polluted & unhealthy waterbody into a thriving ecosystem.

Floating Islands West LLC
(Floating Islands)
5001 Neilson Road
Mokelumne Hill, CA 95245
Floating Islands West LLC
Floating Islands West LLC

Floating Islands West LLC is the West Coast manufacturer and distribution center for BioHaven® Floating Islands. We provide an innovative approach to world water and habitat issues by providing a full range of services, including island design, co-design, installation, as well as training. As a license holder & manufacturer of BioHaven® Floating Islands, we are able to custom create islands to your specifications. Floating Islands West manufactures and supplies large floating treatment wetlands and mini floating islands to a wide variety of clientele for both large and small spaces. Islands can be modified to fit your application, from small container gardens, to large islands such as an acre in size. We work with you to find the best floating island solution to fit your needs.



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