Glow Path Pavers, LLC

Ambient Glow Stones are what power Glow Path Paver's and give them that subtle natural glowing illumination. Our stones are on the cutting edge of glow-in-the-dark technology and will glow for 20 years. Exterior uses include swimming pool plaster, float them in concrete pedestrian pathways, use them in asphalt to create glow-in-the-dark walkways and bike paths for unique looks. These eco-friendly luminous pebbles require no electricity and look absolutely stunning at night with their use only limited by your imagination.

Glow Path Pavers, LLC
(Solar Paver Lights)
1060 W Huron Street
Waterford Twp., MI 48328
Glow Path Pavers, LLC

Glow Path Pavers offer a great new look to any recreational area in and around any property, providing a modern feel to paved areas while maintaining a classic brick paver look. Our revolutionary pavers offer a subtle, continuous glow for 6-8 hours after dark, providing a low-level illumination that is perfect after sundown for pedestrian walkways, to add mood-enhancing visual accents to pool decks and backyards, and to enhance safety to municipal spaces. Simply put, there are no pavers quite like Glow Path Pavers, and we’ve got the patents to prove it! Glow Path Pavers are manufactured to meet and exceed North American standards set by both ASTM International and the CSA Group.



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