Koolfog's pure water, high-pressure landscape fog, or fogscapes, incorporate the same artistic fog effects seen in large art installations, fog fountains and theme parks and tailors them to landscape design. Our fogscapes allow for fog effects to mimic characteristics such as dense fog, precipitation, and soft landscape mist. The landscape projects can be vast in size, employing Koolfog’s scalable, performance-oriented fog system. With creative design, the addition of natural fog effects forms a shifting, yet tranquil space within a larger landscape environment.

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31145 Plantation Drive
Thousand Palms CA 92276

More than just a misting company. For more than 30 years Koolfog has designed and developed technologies that provide enhanced comfort and enjoyment for people, plants and animals. Koolfog misting systems and fog effects are in use at restaurants, resorts, wineries, retail centers, theme parks, recreational spaces, equestrian facilities, dairy farms, greenhouses, cannabis facilities, manufacturing centers and private estates. Our solutions cover outdoor cooling and humidification as well as dust control and fog effects. Through creative design and innovation Koolfog balances performance and aesthetics by delivering products that seamlessly integrate into landscapes and architectural spaces. If you are an architect, fountain designer, MEP, landscape professional or specialty contractor we’ll walk you through the complete design process to ensure a successful result.



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