OCCOutdoors, Inc.

OCCOutdoors, Inc.'s green products are all products made using very high percentages of recycled content. All of our Green Products made from recycled plastic materials are 95%-100% recycled material. Steel is also one of the most recycled materials in the work. 68% of the steel used in the United States is recycled.

OCCOutdoors, Inc.
(Site Furnishings)
6925 S. Carroll Road
Indianapolis, IN 46259
OCCOutdoors, Inc.
OCCOutdoors, Inc.

OCCOutdoors, Inc. has been manufacturing indoor and outdoor site furnishings since 1995 with a focus on quality products at a competitive price. We manufacture hundreds of products such as benches, trash receptacles, recycle bins, bike racks, ash urns, planters and kiosks. We also work with other manufactures in the USA and Canada to bring you full line of site furnishings like recycled plastic benches, trash and recycle bins, bike racks, picnic tables and message centers. Whether you’re looking for commercial park benches, indoor or outdoor recycling bins, bike racks, picnic tables or planters we want to be your exclusive source for both outdoor and indoor needs. We value providing our customers with the very best quality products, warranties and volume discounts, and are proud to offer the finest American-made steel and recyclable materials directly from the manufacturer.



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