Stern-Williams Products, LLC

Stern-Williams Products, LLC's Pet Fountains are an excellent choice for resorts, walking trails and recreational areas where pets are welcome. Our Pet Fountains are designed to comply with pet needs and withstand the roughest conditions.

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13920 Cypress Lane
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Stern-Williams Products, LLC
Stern-Williams Products, LLC

Stern-Williams Products LLC is a manufacturer of terrazzo service sinks, shower floors and cabinet packages, and a complete line of drinking fountains. We opened for business in 1962, beginning only with a few terrazzo mop sink models, which we have gradually expanded to include one of the most complete lines of precast plumbing products. In addition, we specialize in building custom designs, and welcome the opportunity to be of service in this area. A natural extension of our work with terrazzo and concrete was terrazzo wall hung drinking fountains and aggregate pedestal fountains. We have continued to develop this line, and are now proud to present stainless steel and metal fountains in several designs as well.



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