Sun Charge Systems, Inc.

Sun Charge Systems, Inc.'s Solar Charging Pole is our most versatile charging solution. Its modern design makes it a natural complement to existing seating arrangements, or as a stand-alone unit where space is limited. Each pole is equipped with four Rapid-Charge USB ports, including one underneath the table for handicap access. With its 30” table, you’ll be able to comfortably check email or recharge your battery while finishing your coffee or snack. Perfect for hiking trails, stadium entrances, parks, transportation hubs, outdoor retail spaces, marinas or just about anywhere active users could use a quick charge. Constructed of carbon or stainless steel and finished with multiple layers of long lasting UV protected powder coating, longevity is ensured.

Sun Charge Systems, Inc.
(Solar Charging Stations)
PO Box 765
Northport, AL 35476
Sun Charge Systems, Inc.
Sun Charge Systems, Inc.

As mobile devices get thinner, batteries get slimmer, screens get bigger, chips get faster and usage and dependence increases, keeping them charged presents a significant challenge. Sun Charge Systems, Inc. has created an innovative line of solar powered charging stations that allow users to plug in, charge up and stay connected; even when common electrical outlets aren’t available. Sun Charge Systems is a division of Hornsby Steel, a Cleveland, Alabama-based company specializing in steel applications. We’re a group of 32 men and women who work hard to design, build and sell products that are enriching the lives of people everywhere. Proudly made in the USA, we invite you to consider including Sun Charge solar powered charging stations in your green energy initiatives.



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