Victor Stanley, Inc.

Our new Stell bench features a classic, minimalist look inspired by Scandinavian design aesthetics. Its eased edges and clean lines transform any environment into a comfortable and inviting space. It’s just one more way Victor Stanley helps you create timeless moments.

Victor Stanley, Inc.
(Site Furnishings)
P.O. Drawer 330
Dunkirk, MD 20754
Victor Stanley, Inc.
Victor Stanley, Inc.

Victor Stanley, a leader in quality site furnishings, helps you bring your visions to life. From benches and bike racks to smart litter receptacles, which use our Relay Sensor and Service to enable efficient collection routing, we meticulously design, engineer and manufacture every detail to ensure our site furnishings will withstand the test of time. For over 57 years, we have helped create a place for people to gather, live life and make timeless moments. For an in-depth look at site furnishings and the qualities to look for before specification, schedule a virtual Victor Stanley LUNCH & LEARN for you and your team.



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