Affordable Rain Chains

Copper Fluted Cup style Rain Chains, from Affordable Rain Chains, are prepackaged in 10' sections with 33 fluted cups per section. This chain is hand made from pure solid copper. The length of the rain chain can be easily adjusted by adding or removing the cups using the attachments at the top and bottom of each cup. Each fluted cup is 2 1/4" wide at the top, 2-3/4" tall and tapering to a 7/8" wide drainage hole at the bottom. Every chain ships with easy to install gutter attachment hook.

Best Pro Lighting

Low voltage landscape lighting transformers, by Best Pro Lighting, may be used with all of our low voltage landscape lighting fixtures. All of our transformers are made with heavy duty stainless steel. They are multi-tap 12, 13,14, and 15 with photo cells & timers, are loadable at 100% and built with toroidal core. Our transformers will automatically return to the last setting after a power outage. Best Pro Lighting offers a lifetime warranty on all of our low voltage transformers.

Maglin Site Furniture

What defines the perfect space? Does it bring people together, forge new connections and instill a strong sense of community? Is it a place for colleagues and classmates to share ideas, for friends to catch up over lunch, or simply a place to be alone in a crowd? With the Pixel Collection from Maglin Site Furniture, you don't have to choose. Simple in form and highly versatile in function, Pixel gives you the building blocks to design your ideal space. And with fast, easy installation and near limitless possibilities for configuration, you can design as your needs evolve - all with Maglin's signature quality, comfort and sustainability.


BlackTalon® is TigerDeck's unique hidden deck fastening system made from stainless steel. These deck clips increase construction efficiency, minimize the need for repair, and extend the deck’s lifespan over decks with screw-down or other fastening systems. Two innovative BlackTalon® deck clips are available: a standard clip with legs that straddle a two-inch joist and an angled clip to accommodate deck boards that are not perpendicular to the joist or joists that are wider than two inches.

Landscape Forms, Inc.

Urban space is valuable real estate and too much of it is underused. UrbanEdge is an exclusive Landscape Forms, Inc. collection of landscape framing and furniture elements designed specifically to help designers make more effective use of under utilized space. Created in collaboration with award-winning landscape architects Gustafson Guthrie Nichol (GGN,) the collection looks at the urban fabric with a fresh eye. Informal, dynamic site elements including bar height rails, stools that swivel, and planters that also serve as seats, define edges, activate corners, create niches and furnish lively outdoor settings that leverage available space and create a sense of place.


Atlantic-OASE's Fountain Systems are the easiest, fastest, and strongest way to build a water feature on or into any horizontal surface. Heavy-duty matched components make setting, plumbing, and running your feature simple. Componenents are designed to work together to beautify any landscape. With systems that will handle any size, any shape and any load, the only limit is your imagination!


Waterbearing designs and sells fountain spouts and scuppers that are well designed, beautifully crafted and just plain work well. The spouts are trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly.

BioHaven® Floating Treatment Wetlands
Floating Islands West LLC

BioHaven® Floating Treatment Wetlands, from Floating Islands West LLC, are a powerful tool in water stewardship. Our man-made floating wetlands biomimic their natural counterparts on a concentrated basis—250 square feet of island translates to an acre’s worth of wetland surface area. Almost any waterway can benefit from BioHaven® FTWs, and you don’t need to be a scientist to understand how they work... All of our islands, small to large, function in the same way – improving water quality and habitat while providing a "concentrated wetland" effect. Through the process of biomimicry (using nature as a model), the BioHaven® Floating Island transforms a polluted & unhealthy waterbody into a thriving ecosystem.

New England Architectural Center

The New England Architectural Center has New England's largest supply of reclaimed bluestone for a variety of uses. In the past, this vintage bluestone has been used for sidewalks, walls and buggy steps. We deliver to you anywhere in the United States. Contact "Rock Star" and owner Peter Hll in Newport, Rhode Island directly at 401.641.6091.

Diamond Spas

Diamond Spas believes metal is the best material for spa construction. Stainless steel or copper yields amenities that rival other spas. Unmatched durability is number one. Neither metals will fade, crack or blister. A metal spa is highly sanitary. Both surfaces offer superior resistance to bacteria. Stainless steel or copper aesthetically blend harmoniously with common spa landscaping materials. Natural stone and foliage in combination with the warm tones of these two metals contrive an environment appealing to all the senses.

Davis Colors

Davis Colors makes thousands of different colored pigments: synthetic red, yellow, orange, brown and black iron oxides, carbon blacks, cobalt blues, and chromium oxide greens. We offer standard colors and custom powder blends. The powder pigments are packaged in 50 lb. bags and in bulk sacks. Our Mix-Ready® line offers smaller packaging options. Many of our pigments are made from recycled material. In fact, sixty percent of the iron oxide pigment’s content is made from recycled materials.

LeMeur Welding & Mfg. Co.

Safeguard Enclosures by Le Meur Enclosures, are constructed of A36 or A569 sheet 3/16", 10 gauge and 7 gauge steel with features including: big 3/4" x 6" long louvers with splash guard, padlock staple and lockguard, document tray, marine grade plywood mounting board, stainless steel anchor bolts with 3/4" ACX plywood template, sloping roof, continuous hinge, and weather strip. Stock finish of carbon steel enclosures is acrylic enamel foliage green or desert tan (black is available at no charge, but not stocked).

Wood Care Systems

Wood Care Systems provides solutions to exterior wood problems. Wood Care Systems is owned and operated by a father-son duo. Jim Renfroe has over 30 years of experience in the wood preservation field and has been teaching his son James through the years. Jim and James are very proud of what they do, and it shows in their commitment to assisting customers through projects. They stand behind the products they sell because they have firsthand experience with the products and how to use them in the different types of wood.


Dura Art Stone is synonymous with enduring art and creative craftsmanship. Our artisan heritage of high quality and attention to detail is evident throughout our design, mold making and manufacturing processes. Manufacturing facilities are composed of two complete factories, one in Southern California and one in Georgia. Each has mold making, casting, and finishing capabilities. Our employees include architects, engineers, designers, and detailers. During the past 67 years our projects have ranged from the smallest ornamental feature to the precast building panels on San Francisco's Transamerica Pyramid. We are proud of our classical heritage and look forward to the opportunities and challenges that new technologies afford us in the new century.

(Decorative Concrete)
34501 E Quincy Ave Bldg 28
Watkins, CO 80137

Bomanite is a name synonymous with the innovation and development of decorative, imprinted concrete. Over the last 50 years, Bomanite has developed new systems for various toppings, concrete overlays, coloration systems, stains, concrete dyes, exposed aggregates, and polished concrete. These systems of products complement the proven imprinted concrete techniques and pervious concrete system, Grasscrete, that put the Bomanite brand on the map over sixty years ago. The Bomanite Company and its licensed group of contractors continue to distinguish themselves as the best in the industry. To guarantee consistently high standards, Bomanite offers training, marketing, technical services and support to its contractors and to the design community.
Systems Mfg., Inc.

(Rapid Irrigation Repair)
PO Box 359
Browns Valley, CA 95918
Transitional Systems Mfg., Inc.
Transitional Systems Mfg., Inc.

Are you looking for a better way to repair your sprinkler irrigation systems? Well, there are four. And you just found them!! For over 25 years, Transitional Systems Mfg., Inc.'s irrigation repair products have been proving themselves time and time again. From repairing broken valve wires to adding stations to your controller, we can help you get your sprinkler irrigation systems repaired and back up and running fast! We appreciate what it means for you to trust a product enough to take the time to install it. That's why we take the time and make the effort to ensure that each product is built to our highest standards. Each one of our products is built with the utmost care and every single unit is tested before it leaves our facility so that we can be sure it works the first time…and every time.
DeepStream Designs
(Screen Walls)
2699 Tigertail Avenue, #54
Miami, FL 33133
DeepStream Designs
DeepStream Designs

DeepStream Designs' prefabricated modular screen walls can be used for privacy, security, safety and enclosure. Our customers order them because they are quick and easy to install, don't require roof or sidewalk penetrations, and can hold an unlimited choice of slide-in panels. Our planter-anchored free-standing balcony privacy screens are also used for security around terrace and rooftop pools and parapet walls for safety. These innovative labor-saving screen walls and enclosures are made by American craftsmen to meet your exact needs at factory direct pricing without extra design fees. The sturdy structural aluminum frames are covered by our lifetime structural warranty, and should they ever be damaged, all parts are replaceable under DeepStream's unique Core Replacement Program at direct factory cost.
5400 Miller Avenue
Gary, IN 46403
Kidstuff Playsystems, Inc.
Kidstuff Playsystems, Inc.

Kidstuff Playsystems, Inc. is an International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association (IPEMA) certified manufacturer of playground equipment with over 40 years of experience. We have IPEMA certified playground equipment for parks, schools, day care centers, churches, apartment complexes, Head Starts, homeowners associations, campgrounds, new developments, and resorts. We can also custom design commercial playground equipment to fit your needs. We also provide a wide array of safety surfacing. We design, manufacture, and powder-coat all of our playsystems at our facility in the U.S.A. When you work with Kidstuff Playsystems, Inc., you are dealing directly with the owners. Planning a playground is a big process, but we'd be happy to help.
American Specialty Glass
(Landscape / Fire Glass)
829 North 400 West
North Salt Lake, UT 84054 801.294.4222
American Specialty Glass
American Specialty Glass

American Specialty Glass is a direct manufacturer of fireplace glass, landscape glass, terrazzo glass and more. Our glass products are 100% recycled glass and made in the USA. We offer many fire, landscape and terrazzo glass colors and sizes to choose from including premium and classic glass choices. You can also use our fire glass calculator to figure out the amount of glass you will need for your next project. We're located in North Salt Lake, Utah, a suburb of Salt Lake City. We operate several glass melting furnaces and color the glass with our proprietary methods and formulations. We stock significant quantities of standard colors in our warehouse. We're willing to make custom colors given the right quantity and schedule flexibility.We manufacture all of our glass from recycled products and can provide supporting documentation for LEED projects when needed. Mose importantly, we love what we do. We hope it shows through in our glass quality and customer service.
(Bocce Court Surfaces)
1831 Racine Street
Bellingham, WA 98229

Boccemon is a small family owned corporation that supplies easy to apply and maintain Bocce Court surfaces. Boccemon Rain Country Blend (RCB) is used across the United States, in Canada, Iraq, and even Dubai. We are also helping clients in our own community. Folks are attracted to us because we are deeply vested in the game. Bocce is part of our daily routine and this is the reason you should be calling us. Although many of the projects we work on are for private individuals, we also collaborate with park departments, municipalities, corporations, wineries, breweries, and many home owner associations. We ship our Rain Country Blend worldwide. Clients build the perimeter and base, and use RCB to top dress the surface.
Haddonstone (USA) Ltd.
(Garden Stonework)
32207 United Avenue
Pueblo, CO 81001
Haddonstone (USA) Ltd.
Haddonstone (USA) Ltd.

Haddonstone, a leading manufacturer of cast stone building materials and cast stone garden ornaments, has group companies in the UK and USA. Our American offices and warehouses are located in New Jersey and Colorado. Haddonstone is renowned for cast stone garden ornaments, garden furniture, garden fountains, fireplaces, stone and architectural stone in traditional, classical and contemporary styles. The most popular stone garden ornaments, landscape ornaments and stone garden fountains are bird baths, sundials, fountains, wall fountains, centrepiece fountains, tiered fountains, garden furniture, contemporary planters, traditional planters, classical planters, statues and statuary. The most popular architectural stone designs and building materials are balusters, balustrading, columns, porticos and door surrounds, copings and cappings, quoins, as well as window heads and window sills.
DekTek, Inc.
(Concrete Deck Tiles)
3253 Laketown Road
Sturgeon Lake, MN 55783
DekTek, Inc.

DekTek Tile is an innovative concrete decking material that is specifically designed for elevated decks and roof decks, but transforms all outdoor living spaces. Our beautiful deck tiles give you the ultimate elegant outdoor living experience. DekTek Tile's non-combustible concrete decking is the perfect solution for fire pits, outdoor kitchens, pizza ovens, and grilling right from the comfort of your deck! DekTek Tile's concrete deck tiles are a vibrant, upscale alternative to standard decking materials. Our structural concrete tile decking is extremely durable & high strength. The exquisitely vibrant colors of our luxury tile decking are simply stunning, with other benefits equally as impressive. DekTek Tile proudly serves clients across the Nation. We take pride in our customers' satisfaction and it shows in our products. Reference "Landscape Product Guide" for 10% discount on initial orders!
Siloam Stone, Inc.
(Sedimentary Sandstone)
315 N. 7th Street
Canon City, CO 81212
Siloam Stone, Inc.
Siloam Stone, Inc.

Siloam Stone, Inc. offers a wide range of natural sandstone products from our 640 acre deposit in southern Colorado. From our quarry formation you will notice our Layered Sedimentary Sandstone is very unique and versatile. Siloam Stone is your natural choice for Genuine Stone, high quality Natural Sandstone. For landscape applications, Siloam Stone has virtually no limitations. We offer flagstone for walkways and patios; thicker stair treads for your entry or stairway. Maybe you need a large sign, bridge slab or landmark to make a monumental statement. We have over 20 thousand tons of product inventory to choose from. The natural earth tone colors of Siloam Stone range from Buff to Grey with burnt sienna, gold, rust, rose, and brown accents.
Glow Path Pavers, LLC
(Solar Paver Lights)
1060 W Huron Street
Waterford Twp., MI 48328
Glow Path Pavers, LLC

Glow Path Pavers offer a great new look to any recreational area in and around any property, providing a modern feel to paved areas while maintaining a classic brick paver look. Our revolutionary pavers offer a subtle, continuous glow for 6-8 hours after dark, providing a low-level illumination that is perfect after sundown for pedestrian walkways, to add mood-enhancing visual accents to pool decks and backyards, and to enhance safety to municipal spaces. Simply put, there are no pavers quite like Glow Path Pavers, and we’ve got the patents to prove it! Glow Path Pavers are manufactured to meet and exceed North American standards set by both ASTM International and the CSA Group.
100 Homer Drive
Talladega, AL 35161
Allen Architectural Metals, Inc.
Allen Architectural Metals, Inc.

Allen Architectural Metals, Inc. offers comprehensive support in casting and metal fabrications along with superior client services for architects, governmental agencies, high-end developers, universities, hospitals and private residences. Since 1995 Allen Architectural Metals, Inc. has evolved into a nationally recognized organization managing projects across the United States, with expertise in restoration, preservation and custom design building. Projects range from hand carved historical replications to custom laser cut design applications. With offices in Alabama and New York, Allen Architectural Metals, Inc.'s services include historic site consultation, historical replication, custom castings, master pattern making, water jet technology, custom finishing services and more.
McNear Brick & Block
(Clay Products)
1 McNear Brickyard Road
San Rafael, CA 94901
McNear Brick & Block
McNear Brick & Block

McNear Brick has been manufacturing brick on the shores of San Francisco Bay since 1868. The days of horse and sail are now long gone, but our bricks still retain their handmade appearance, and are used in historic neighborhoods and restoration projects across the country. Our Sandmold Series of paving bricks offers many colors, and can be used in either mortared applications, or sand-set as interlocking pavers. McNear was an early-adopter of Thin Brick revolution, and this newest family of brick shapes has much to offer in landscape architecture. Thin brick can be used to veneer site walls, and can also be used on pavements and stairs. This construction technique marries the strength and efficiency of concrete with the timeless beauty of our bricks.
Maglin Site Furniture
(Site Furnishings)
999 18th St., Ste. 3000
Denver, CO 80202
Maglin Site Furniture
Maglin Site Furniture

With lightweight looks and luxurious lines, Maglin's L-Series table and bench collection gives off a legendary sit-and-stay-awhile vibe. The L-Series is named after its designer, Geoffrey Lilge, who beautifully articulates what’s so special about this linger-worthy table and bench collection: “I sought to deliver a visually lightweight form by creating the main structure with only one piece of formed laser cut steel – a minimal structure reduced to its necessary elements.” This collection may look lightweight, but it’s built for longevity with a mild steel frame that has a recycle content up to 61% and is fully recyclable at end of life. The L-Series table and bench combination can also be configured for accessibility, which invites everyone to linger together outdoors. The minimalist style and clean lines of Maglin’s L-Series effortlessly blend into any urban location, including school campuses, retail, and commercial settings, as well as in hospitality and mixed-use.
American Bicycle
Security Company

(Bicycle Security Systems)
PO Box 7359
Ventura, CA 93006
American Bicycle Security Company

American Bicycle Security Company is a premier manufacturer of bicycle lockers and bike racks, as well as supplier of related equipment. We offer a wide line of the most secure bicycle security solutions on the market. Our lockers are produced with a variety of options and different materials. AmeriBike has been in the bicycle locker business since 1986 and is a leading supplier of lockers in the United States and overseas. AmeriBike has a proven track record of quality and reliability. Our facility is 16,000 square feet, with a locker manufacturing department and a fiberglass production department. With a team of experts backed up with years of experience, American Bicycle is dedicated to product innovation and does not compromise on quality.
Creative Sensor

(Irrigation Flow Sensors)
P.O. Box 10893
Bedford, NH 03110
Creative Sensor Technology
Creative Sensor Technology

Creative Sensor Technology strives to provide the most water efficient irrigation design, best sprinkler selection and most efficient scheduling possible. While moisture sensing devices or input ET calculations to adjust start frequency or run times can be employed, all such water saving practices designed into irrigation systems can be lost with undetected pipe breaks or valve malfunctions. A broken 1 1/2 '' PVC pipe running at 50 psi will discharge over 10,000 gallons in 30 minutes or over 168,000 gallons running for 8 hours. Creative Sensor Technology's flow sensors are capable of detecting these leaks to prevent water loss.
Grind To A Halt, Inc.
(Skateboard Deterrents)
PO Box 221
Elburn, IL 60119
Grind To A Halt, Inc.
Grind To A Halt, Inc.

Grind to a Halt, Inc. has been making and selling skateboard deterrents since 2002, and is a spin-off company from our precision machining business. Contracted by a local college and church to make skateboard deterrents for their properties, we put our machining expertise to work. We researched ideas, then fabricated a decorative and highly functional solution we named “GrinderMinders”. After our initial product was designed and installed, we continued to find unique solutions for a largely niche market. Property owners were eager to find attractive, durable deterrents. Architects, landscape architects, designers, contractors and property owners were interested in preserving and protecting their beautiful work from skateboard and bike damage without compromising their designs. GrinderMinders fulfilled all of these needs, and have been gaining the attention of industry professionals.
ODF, Inc.
(Outdoor Floor Systems)
10940 SW Barnes Rd #377
Portland, OR 97255
Outdoor Floor System®

Historically, a thin gauged stone or porcelain would not be considered for many exterior applications, especially in wet and cold climates. If they were used, the installation would require multiple installation steps to address water penetration and collection, a heavy concrete slab for stability, mud-set or thin-set bonding and final grout and grout sealing. And if the installation was to be successful over time, regular grout maintenance and sealing was required to ensure zero moisture penetration. If invisible micro-cracks in grout lines did occur, future failure was assured. And unfortunately, a repair required complete removal and a reinstall. Outdoor Floor System® was developed to address these issues and create new installation options previously not considered or not possible.
CrysTanium® Gongs
(Titanium Gongs)
PO Box 5242
Pagosa Springs, CO
CrysTanium® Gongs

Gongs originated some six thousand years ago around 4000 BC. The vibrations they produce are our oldest means of sound healing therapy, ranking it among the top sound vibration activities in the world meant to reduce stress, still the conscious mind, and focus and ascend our sensory currents. While the majority of the world's sound healing gongs are built from bronze and its many alloys, we’ve created a unique process using pure titanium. The relationship between titanium and the human body is a synergistic and harmonious one.The engaging vibrations of the CrysTanium® Gong help to collect and refocus our scattered attention while at the same time expanding our awareness. CrysTanium® Gongs is located in the small mountain town of Pagosa Springs, Colorado. The company is the fruit of four decades of inspired devotion to the art of sound sculpture design and fabrication by acoustic sculptor Ross Barrable. The art that graces each gong is created with love by Karina Silver, an artist in Pagosa Springs.
Lamboo® Technologies™
(Exterior Panels)
301 W. Edwards Street
Litchfield, IL 62056
Lamboo® Technologies™
Lamboo® Technologies™

Lamboo® Technologies™ is a US-based manufacturer and supplier of full architectural product solutions utilizing one of the most rapidly renewable resources on the planet, bamboo. Since 2007, Lamboo® has taken its initial development of structural and exterior grade products and expanded its technology into a variety of other architectural, building and OEM product solutions.The Lamboo® Elements™ Series product line offers an array of exterior-grade product solutions for most outdoor applications and is available in typical dimensional lumber sizes and cross-laminated panels. The Lamboo® Elements™ Series product line also offers Class A Fire-Rated options as well. Contact us today to learn more.
Vessel USA Inc.
(Concrete Amenities)
PO Box 462863
Escondido, CA 92046
Vessel USA Inc.
Vessel USA Inc.

Vessel USA® Inc. was founded in 1998 to revive the award-winning Architectural Pottery Collection, a historical Los Angeles company founded in 1950 by Max and Rita Lawrence. Today, Vessel USA® introduces their new and innovative brand, Architectural Block™ for hospitality groups and outdoor lifestyles. Our brands are most appreciated by trade professionals, architects and design aficionados worldwide. Our outdoor planters and patio tables are handsomely stout and Midcentury cool. Vessel USA is the sole licensor of Architectural Pottery® and Architectural Block™.
Riverside Plastics, Inc.
(Planters / Containers)
PO Box 421
Flemingsburg, KY 41041
Riverside Plastics, Inc.

Riverside Plastics, Inc. is a third generation, family owned and operated business founded in 1987 by Clarence and Sharon Roy. Their legacy continues to serve the landscape and agriculture industries through continual product development to fit the specific needs of their clients. Industry leaders in these fields are then able to pass on innovative and efficient products to their own clientele. Our product line, 30 years in the making, is continually growing to keep up with the ever-changing needs of a worldwide market. We are continually striving to honor the premium quality that our founders set out to provide while looking forward to the next 30 years. Riverside’s containers meet the specific requirements of many interior and exterior projects. You’ll find them used in malls, hotels, theme parks, and golf courses. Decorators, plantscapers, architects, and landscape architects specify Riverside containers for projects around the world.
ANP Lighting, Inc.
(Architectural Lighting)
9044 Del Mar Avenue
Montclair, CA 91763
ANP Lightiing, Inc.

Since 1985, ANP Lighting has been skillfully integrating design aesthetics, engineering excellence, and advancing technology to manufacture an extensive line of decorative architectural lighting and warehouse-inspired RLM fixtures. With our privately owned foundry and spinning facilities and in-house engineering department, we can quickly and cost-effectively modify any product to deliver an affordable custom modification solution. We empower architects, engineers, and specifiers to meet the growing demand for energy conservation, sustainability, and environmental design inspiration. We design and manufacture the largest collection of LED decorative architectural lighting available today, including luminaires, bases, poles, and bollards. We design and manufacture lighting fixtures for a broad array of markets and high profile projects such as urban centers, historic neighborhood renovations, sporting venues, roadways and parking facilities, streetscapes and landscapes, shopping centers, hotels, universities, restaurants, and more.
Urban Pot
(Commercial Grade
4388 Rue St. Denis Ste 200
Montreal, QC H2J 2L1
Urban Pot

Urban Pot has been producing contemporary custom planters in high-quality aluminum, stainless steel, and corten steel for over 10 years. We also sell high quality resin, fiberglass, and concrete planters. All of our flower boxes are commercial grade, built to give many years of service and suitable for harsh climates as well as high foot traffic areas. Typical applications include restaurants, condo developments, hotels, shopping malls, and spaces such as patios and verandas that require bespoke solutions. Urban Pot is recognized in the industry for its mastery of manufacturing processes and its turnkey offer of design, assembly, painting and installation. Our vision is to bring builder's and architect's residential and commercial landscape projects to life by offering standard as well as custom planters. Have questions or a project to discuss? Contact us today!
EmeryAllen, LLC
(LED Landscape Lamps)
359 Wando Place Drive
Mount Pleasant, SC 29464

EmeryAllen, LLC is a privately held company located in Charleston, South Carolina. We have established worldwide product development, manufacturing and distribution relationships which have translated into the highest quality products for our customers at an incredible value. Our passion for developing new products has culminated in the creation of the most well-rounded miniature LED lamps on the market. EmeryAllen's 12V Miniature LED Lamps are perfect for your landscape, track, pendant, and general display needs. From our T5 miniature wedge base bulb commonly used in landscape lighting and other low voltage outdoor fixtures to our low profile and compact no-load transformers engineered for no flicker operation of low voltage lighting, EmeryAllen has a site lighting solution for your project.
(Cleaners & Sealers)
7634-B Progress Circle
W. Melbourne, FL. 32904

Eco-Wares® is the sales division of Envirosafe Manufacturing Corporation. We are a direct ship manufacturer that specializes in providing environmentally safe concrete cleaners, penetrating waterproofing sealers and roof coatings. Each product line offered is subject to extensive review to ensure that the materials used greatly exceed all U.S. State and Federal EPA guidelines. Yet, our environmental concern extends beyond the base materials to the manufacturing process itself. Our manufacturing plants incorporate modern technology combined with unique formulas to ensure quality control. Staff chemists are always available to answer any question, whether it regards the Safety Data Sheets (SDS) or specific product applications. Eco-Wares® believes that it can provide a balanced combination of product quality at an economical price, while still protecting people and the ecosystem from hazardous chemicals by offering an environmentally safe alternative. All of our products are proudly made in the USA.
Sun Charge Systems, Inc.
(Solar Charging Stations)
PO Box 765
Northport, AL 35476
Sun Charge Systems, Inc.
Sun Charge Systems, Inc.

As mobile devices get thinner, batteries get slimmer, screens get bigger, chips get faster and usage and dependence increases, keeping them charged presents a significant challenge. Sun Charge Systems, Inc. has created an innovative line of solar powered charging stations that allow users to plug in, charge up and stay connected; even when common electrical outlets aren’t available. Sun Charge Systems is a division of Hornsby Steel, a Cleveland, Alabama-based company specializing in steel applications. We’re a group of 32 men and women who work hard to design, build and sell products that are enriching the lives of people everywhere. Proudly made in the USA, we invite you to consider including Sun Charge solar powered charging stations in your green energy initiatives.
Garden & Home
(Eclectic Pottery)
18080 La Motte Road
Welsh, LA 7059
Anamese Garden & Home
Anamese Garden & Home

The heart of Anamese is our passion for bringing unique designs to retail. Over two decades ago, when Nancy LaMotte and Shardel Riley started Anamese, there was a gap in the market. Eclectic pottery was expensive and hard to find. Now we’re a team of six southern women who love to make buying as simple and enjoyable as possible. We have always embraced flexible options that cater to both the smallest boutiques and largest firms equally. Our instinct for hospitality, passion for this business, and attention to detail is more than just company culture, it's our way of life. Our designs are decidedly unique. Knowing we can’t be everything to everybody, we supply pottery for the type of customer who won't be satisfied until they find what they’re looking for. Our highly curated collections have something rare for everyone. We imagine they’re the kinds of pieces people will cherish for a lifetime



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